Immuno GD-Poly is completely natural product which regulates the immune system, and that results in overall protection of your body from various different problems that might occur.

Imuno GD-poly capsules contain fungus extract called Ganoderma lucidum with over 200 biologically active substances: polysahardies, tritherpens, organic germanium, nucleosides, amino acids, steroid compounds.

Numerous preclinical research shown immunomodulating effects of these bioactive compounds. Because of these effects GD-Poly capsules have capability of fine and precise setting of immune response. When your body has a weak response to threats, we call that condition immunosuppression. This irregularity can lead to lower immune activity.

Immuno GD-Poly helps with:

  • Alergies
  • Infections
  • Liver damage

Prevention of allergies

All people who suffer from allergies know how unpleasant they can be. Constant sneezing in waves, teary eyes and eye itch, oozing and nose itch, clogged nose, constant dry cough, hardened breathing followed by “whistles” and occasional suffocation, skin itch…

Immuno GD-poly is completely natural product, which stimulates the immune system to:

1. Prevent the allergy (immuno GD-poly protects the cell, prevents the release of histamine and reaction of allergens)
2. In the case of allergy, it is soothing the symptoms (suffocation, sneezing, watery nose, reddishness, itchy eyes).

Immuno GD-poly contains over 200 bioactive substances and medical fungus Ganodermae lucidum. These fungus are regulating and balancing the reaction of your body to allergens.

Immuno GD-poly is the only product that is additionally enriched with polysaccharides, which alongside titerpene and organic germanium have the strongest effect against the cause of allergies.

We recommend the preventive usage of the product GD-Polly three weeks before the expected of the causers of the allergies.

Immuno GD-poly is especially recommended to the people who are allergic to pollen, ambrosia, dust, at allergic asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and allergic sniffle.

Money back guarantee is covering only the seasonal allergies: ambrosia allergies, allergic reactions to trees and flowers and allergic sniffle.

Immuno GD-Poly prevents the release of histamines, which is the basis of any allergic reaction. That is why it is recommended at allergies to Ambrosia, pollen, bronchial asthma and allergic sinusitis.

Clinical studies and practical usage confirmed that effects of allergies are reduced, or completely disappeared of the symptoms of the allergies: suffocation, throat itch, watery nose, teary eyes and constant sniffle.

At bronchitis in 99% of the cases, it leads to the overall improvement of well being, and in 60% of the cases, consumption of GD-Poly leads to complete recovery. The effect of the product is explained on the molecular level, and it’s based on the blocking of the release of the histamine. The role of histamine is central, it is the trigger that leads the chain of the reactions that lead to the increased immune response. This results in allergy prevention and or complete recovery.

Defense from the infections

Due to the lower immune response it is very common to get the flue, cold, but other way more serious infections such as: herpes, citomegalovirus, mononucleosis, coxsackie and other… That is why it is extremely important to have strong immune system, so our body can successfully defend itself from the external threats.

Immuno GD-Poly is completely natural product which is used for the strengthening of our immune system.

Immuno GD-Poly is produced from the precious medical fungus called: Ganoderma Lucidum.

It contains over 200 bioactive substances (polysaccharides, triterpene, organic germanium, nucleosides and others) that are strongly increasing your immune system. What differentiates GD-Poly is the enrichment with the polysaccharides that are the strongest amplifier of the immune system.

Immuno GD-Poly is stimulating the function and activity of the cell immune system, necessary for the defense of your organism from the microorganisms. Under the influence of the bioactive compounds, cell immune system is getting activated, influencing the macrophages: T-limoficites, B-limfocites, NK-cells, dendrite cells and other cells of the immune system. It also increases the production of cikotine (protein which is being produced by these immune cells, it is important for their normal functioning).

When the organism is exposed to a virus or a bacteria, polysaccharides from the GD-Poly are increasing the number of cells of the immune system. This results in the faster recognition of unwanted microorganisms in our body. Afterwards they are attaching themselves to the threatening bacteria/virus and destroying them that way. This is reducing the possibility of the infection and disease.

Immuno GD-Poly helps to increase your immune system reaction, prevent the flu, control the chronic viral infections: herpes, citomegalovirus, mononucleosis, hepatitis and coxsackie.

Immuno GD-Poly is dietary supplement which is clinically tested and safe to use.

Liver Recovery

Immuno GD-Poly is recommended for people with liver damage, caused by various different factors (chemical, physical, biological and through various other agents).

Immuno GD-Poly is regenerating the normal functions and helps recovery of the liver cells.

Immuno GD-Poly is additionally enriched with polysaccharides, it speeds up the “cleansing” of the liver from all the toxic materials.

Polysaccharides are affecting the regeneration of the noble cells of the liver, they are supporting the enzymic systems (citohorom p450, superoxyde dismatasys) and reduce activity of the enzymes that are creating fibrous tissue in liver.

This way, polysaccharides from the GD-Poly help liver regeneration, preservation of it’s epidermal tissue and form. It helps it’s complete recovery and prevents further liver damage.

  • It controls the destruction of cells.
  • Eliminates and removes the accumulated toxins.
  • Supports the cleansing from the free radicals.